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Located in Hemingway’s Green¬†Hills of Africa, with sweeping views of Mount Kilimanjaro, this award-winning ecotourism lodge is one of the truest environmentally conscious places one can visit. Campi ya Kanzi provides 5-star luxury lodging and amenities, thrilling outdoor adventure and wildlife encounters, and an authentic connection to the local Maasai people, where over 95% of the staff come from the immediate local community.

Campi ya Kanzi provides it all with a zero carbon footprint, and leverages the benefits of ecotourism to help protect the local environment and preserve the Maasai culture. All within it’s own 280,000 acres – away from the crowded national parks and thousands of other tourists.

As a direct partner of the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust, a substantial conservation fee is included in each visitor’s daily rate, which is paid directly to the Trust, feeding life into the Conservation, Education and Health programs.

Improving the visibility of this ecolodge through content marketing and social media strategy, ultimately brings more of the funds necessary to the daily work of the partner Trust.


Illustration by: Emma


January - April 2016

8 weeks on the ground in Kenya + 8 weeks off site

The Work:

Social Media & Digital Strategy Marketing

Content Marketing

Design & Branding