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Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust

Located in the Chyulu Hills of Kenya, this organization is in an important wildlife and wilderness corridor within the greater Amboseli-Tsavo ecosystem.

The Trust implements uniquely positioned programs (in Conservation, Education, Health and Ecotourism) aimed at encouraging the local Maasai that the protection of wildlife and wilderness is an economically ideal choice – that wildlife and wilderness are more valuable intact than destroyed.

On-the-ground I was able to immerse myself in the Trust, its dedicated and passionate people, the exceptionally varied environment and challenges, and the unbelievably welcoming local Maasai.

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January - April 2016

8 weeks on the ground in Kenya + 8 weeks off site

The Work:

Campaign & Cause Marketing (NYC Marathon 2016)

Content Marketing

Social Media & Digital Strategy Marketing

Organizational Development