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    Boutique hotel website design

    for lodges, safaris, private rental homes and luxury travel brands.


    We offer custom WordPress development for lodges and travel brands with a desire and need for unique and sophisticated website, as well as packaged themes ready to go with your content + copy, perfect for those safari clients on a tighter budget or with less demanding website design requirements.


    Empower your safari business or hotel with a web presence and high quality content that authentically reflects your brand, providing visitors with a faultless representation of your lodge, safari or hotel experience. Intuitive navigation, unique selling propositions told through distinct calls to action, and a fast-loading multi-device responsive website will help you reach your ultimate goal – to drive more direct bookings and build trust. 

    With over 15 years experience in website development and full-scale digital strategy,
    The Wild Co is your go-to marketing partner for your hotel website design and business goals.


    We take care of what happens when a potential guest gets to your website, through impactful design and creative yet focused copy. Through utilizing the latest web development tech and staying up-to-date on the ever-changing digital landscape and techniques, we provide websites that out-perform and out-style the competition. 


    The other integral factor in hotel website design and safari marketing is ensuring that your target audience can actually find you!


    We take care of this too – through high-level on-page and site-wide SEO (search engine optimization), generating highly targeted traffic to your website. Your target audience is searching on Google, Bing, Yahoo and Social for you. And a website that is optimized for search is essential for running a successful travel brand or safari lodge.


    Great SEO is the only way to increase your organic (i.e ‘unpaid’) search results and drive direct bookings. And it’s fundamental when building successful keyword advertising campaigns too, which you can add-on through our PPC (pay per click) advertising service on Google and Bing as well as dedicated safari and hotel business Social Advertising campaigns. 


    We optimize current content – for readers and search engines – as well as assist in developing high-quality content that engages and converts. Connect with your prospective guests through clear messaging and storytelling, subtly yet powerfully attracting your audience with informative and shareable content that isn’t ‘salesy’.


    From blogging or safari journals (heavyweights when it comes to standout SEO), email marketing filtered and targeted by audience, and website landing pages that are promotion-specific and high-converting from both organic and paid advertising. Learn more about our content marketing services and available packages.

    Your website is only as good as the business it brings you.
    ... And a bad website will always cost you money!

    client web design success

    web design case study

    the ant collection horseback safaris

    bounce rate
    before redesign | 62.31%
    after redesign | 0.72%

    *the % of visitors who enter your site and then leave vs. continuing to view other pages*

    pages viewed per session
    before redesign | 2.27
    after redesign | 5.26

    ‘horseback safari south africa’

    clicks +72%
    impressions +78%

    ‘horse riding safari south africa’

    clicks +60%
    impressions +40%

    bounce rate
    before redesign | 40.58%
    after redesign | 1.44%

    pages per session

    page views

    new users

    web UI refresh case study


    *we built a brand new homepage that engaged and attracted visitors to continue exploring the site – and we did a very very subtle refresh of design concepts, menus + UI throughout the rest of the site – and of course some hard-hitting SEO.

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